Dear Bereaved Daughter,

The loss of a mother is always painful. At any age this is a profound loss. Mothers are often our pillars of strength, our beacons of reassurance, during difficult times.

But the too-early loss of a mother is never more deeply felt than when daughters experience new life milestones such as graduating, getting married or having their own children. As a motherless daughter, how does one grieve the loss of all that a mother could have brought to these chapters of life?

Losing one’s mother when young can be isolating. Others may not be able to relate to the pain and difficulty of this experience. Women who are struggling with a similar loss can provide us with the community and support we seek.

You are invited to join Courageous Daughters, a new support group for women who have experienced the loss of their own mother. We will share from our experiences, learn about grieving mother loss, and practice healing activities, including meditation, visualization, journaling, and making ceremony.

We will meet in the Courageous Mourning office, for 12 weekly sessions starting soon. Each 90 minute group session will cost $40. Please contact Melinda Laus at Courageous Mourning to register in advance.

Melinda can be reached at 503-806-6441 or at

With Love,