The loss of a parent at any age is profound.  Our parents are often our anchors in life, our guiding lights that lead us and support us. Without their presence, life can feel overwhelming. Maybe your first major loss in life has been of your parent and you are coming to this experience feeling naked and unprepared for how to move forward. Grief is hard. It can be unrelenting and isolating. So many friends and even other family members may seem unable to understand what you are feeling or how to help.

Join us for Encouragement After the Loss of Your Parent. In this group we will explore the processes of grief while we create community and build on your resources for coping with loss. This group will meet every other week for 90 minutes each session. We will meet for a total of 10 sessions. Each group session is $40. Groups will have a maximum of 8 people. 

Please contact Melinda to register at 503-806-6441 or