Flowers From David


I believe that our loved ones reach out to us from the other side of the veil and communicate their love and encouragement.

Speaking through nature, symbolic gestures, dreams, poetry, and songs - so many people speak of an experience when their loved ones seemed to be reaching out and bringing comfort during times of heavy grief. I experienced this myself each June.

Each June miracle flowers appear from David. I know they are from David because these are no ordinary volunteer flowers, you see, these flowers look exactly like the stargazer lillies I carried in my wedding bouquet almost 20 years ago! These beauties arrive bringing reminders of his love for me.

They encourage and remind me to be compassionate with myself during the challenging days in this month I find so difficult each year.

David’s poetry from the other side never ceases to amaze me. These flowers simply appeared one day growing in my garden. Like a miracle. I did not plant them. They began to grow and every year since in early June and the magic happens again.

These blooms greet me as soon as I open my front door, before I go out into the world each morning in June. I notice them at the end of my day when I return home weary and ready to relax. I like to think that David sent me these flowers in place of the ‘goodbye-have-a-great-day’  and the ‘welcome-home-how-was-your-day’ kisses.

June challenges me a bit each year with a series of meaningful days.  Within the span of 20 days, I celebrate the birth of our youngest son, the end of the school year - which includes graduations and other ceremonies - Father’s Day, and finally the anniversary of David’s passing.

I continue to learn how to tandemly celebrate my sweet and amazing birthday boy and quietly recognize the enormous sorrow I feel without his father’s living presence.

I found a way to smile and celebrate the graduations, promotions, and good-byes that come at the end of the school year while I also allow the free flow of tears that come over these fast moving years. Each year I strive to create a balance with marking Father’s Day as a time to remember David as the amazing father he was, as well as honor the other fathers still in our lives.

June 26th, the anniversary of David’s passing, continues to be a day of homage to him.

Some years I spent devoting the day to his memory by eating his favorite foods and steeping myself in his memory. Other years I gave myself permission to retreat in seclusion and wait for the day to pass. Recently I discovered peace by treating myself to a trip away from home on that day. I have found healthy distraction in being engaged with the world through travel while still being present to the importance of this day. I usually find myself writing him a letter or in conversation with him in my heart throughout the day. This has become an important day to commune with my own spirit while inviting David to visit as well.  A sort of holy check-in with myself and with him - as if the phone lines between us are clear and working for this one day of the year.

However I choose to spend the 26th, David’s flowers provide solace. Sent from beyond to bolster me with love as I walk through this month so fraught with poignancy and bittersweet meanings. The miracle of his flowers continues to amaze me each year.

They are a love note sent by David - harbingers of the connection that still exists between us. Reminding me he is still with me. Still sending me love. Still offering his exquisite presence even in his absence.

I have learned to notice these blooms while I also notice these days. To take them in - watch them grow and thrive in the light. Allow them to anchor me with the gesture of their presence. I recognize them for the gift that they are - a spirit gift - sent from my beloved. A whisper in my ear of sweet words and reminders that there is more to this life than meets the eye. There is more to loss than tears shed and learning to live without. There is love after-all, light as well as the dark, hope and leaping joy, and the quiet prayer for courage to sustain another day.

Have you experienced any messages from your loved one from the other side of the veil? How has your connection continued even after their death?

Remember that you do not have to journey alone through your grief. Call me if you want to chat.


With Love,