The only way out is through.
– Robert Frost

When I was widowed, young and unexpectedly, I do not remember feeling strong, but I do remember calling upon my inner courage to get me through my darkest days. Still, I often longed to share my grief with others who had experienced similar loss. I can provide that for you. When you walk into my office for the first time, I want you to feel safe, acknowledged, and heard.

Melinda Neal Laus, Grief Counselor

Melinda Neal Laus, Grief Counselor

I have a wide variety of tools to support you. We may explore mindfulness techniques, healing stories, and dream imagery. Other approaches might include creative visualization, meditation, or journaling. I will also guide you in the practice of self care, and always and above all, support you in engaging your own personal wisdom.

We will start with a 15-minute, no-charge telephone consultation. This will allow you to discover more about the ways we might work together and let you know if I’m the best person to support you at this time. I believe we can create a path through your mourning process, to a life you want to live again.

I offer Individual Counseling Sessions and various Encouragement Support Groups, as well as workshops and professional trainings. I would love to work with you. Schedule a consultation. Together,  step by compassionate step, we will bring you toward a renewal of hope in the midst of your most profound loss.