There are three needs of the griever:
To find the words for the loss, to say the words aloud,
and to know the words have been heard. – Victoria Alexander

One-on-One Encouragement Sessions

Whether you’re grieving a loved one, a job, or are coming to terms with a difficult medical diagnosis, your journey is unique, and you deserve the time and the compassionate support you need to mourn and travel the path to healing.  

I can provide that time and that compassionate support. When we talk, we will talk about your loss. You can tell me about your sleeplessness and your anger. You can tell me how badly you hurt. I will listen. Whatever you are feeling, I will hold the space for you. We will talk about what you are doing to take care of yourself. I will show you how you are making progress, by crying every day, by getting mad every day, by laughing when you find something funny.

Contact me. One-on-one Encouragement Sessions can be held either in person at my office or via telephone or Skype. Together, we will make a plan to help you get through each day, and I will teach you how to chip away, grain by grain, at the boulder of your grief.

Encouragement Groups

When you are bereaved, you no longer speak the same, easy language of your former happiness. It may be important to be with people who also speak your new language of loss.

In an Encouragement Group, you will find people who understand you. As I traveled my own grief journey, I was saved, in some measure, by my young widows support group. Now, I provide supportive groups in which you will be surrounded by others whose loss is akin to your own.

Available Encouragement Groups

Young Widows Group
The Young Widows Group provides support to widows and widowers ages 20-60 who have experienced the loss of a significant other.

Parent Loss
The Parent Loss Group supports adults who have lost their parent(s).

Encouraging Others
This group is for the friends, colleagues, and family members of those who are grieving. Offers you tools and insights to help those you love while they are healing from loss.

Encouragement Groups meet weekly. New groups starting soon. Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to determine your next best steps.